Social groups: Social class

How are different social classes portrayed?

  • —Nairn- monarchy rarely criticised
  • —Upper and middle class portrayed positively.
  • —Newman- media give lots of column space to wealthy elite.
  • —Middle class are overrepresented. Media aimed at this group and most employees in media are M.C
  • —Newman- Working class are portrayed as a problem-welfare cheats, criminals etc
  • —Curran and Seaton- press assume working class are not interested in current affairs.
  • —Press rarely highlight poverty or struggles in society (McKendrick)

Evaluative commentary:

  • —Marxists argue that the media wrongly celebrate wealth and hierarchy
  • —Recent criticism –too much upper class on TV e.g. Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge etc.
  • —Support from recent Guardian article-  Are TV sitcoms too middle class?
  • —Support for negativity from sensationalism= moral panics.
  • —More programmes on working class today- Shameless, Skint, Benefits street.
  • —However… are these positive?
  • —Working class are less likely to complain about representation.

Guardian: Have chavs replaced the working class on TV?


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