New Media

Features of new media:

  • —Convergence- several technologies into one devicenew media2
  • Compression- send many signals through the same cable.
  • Interactivity – Respond in real time to user input

New media usage trends:

  • —Boyle – a clear generational divide exists with younger people more likely to use new media.
  • Seaton- global differences & economic inequalities affect new media usage.
  • Haste -Gender divide is apparent with phone use. Differences between calls and texts.
  • A class divide exists with money affecting whether individuals can access the internet and purchase devices.
media changes

Debates on New media:


  • —The internet provides increased consumer choice
  • Democracy is encouraged as everyone can share their opinion.
  • E-commerce/online shopping helps industry.
  • Increased communication with online tools helping families, businesses, friends etc.


Cultural Pessimists (Cornford and Robins):

  • —Domination/ media concentration (Jenkins) is harmful to businesses
  • —Reinforcing elite power due to media concentration
  • —Increased surveillance e.g. cookies.
  • —Decline in quality of culture (Harvey)
  • Lack of regulation can lead to trolling, hacking etc.

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