Ownership and Control: Neo Marxism

Slightly critical of traditional Marxism – their views need to be modified to take into account the changing circumstances of contemporary society.

Basic assumptions

  • The views the media distributes are not from the direct control of owners.
  • The approach recognises the power of owners but believes they rarely interfere with the content of the media.
  • Through the spread of the dominant ideology, other social classes are persuaded to accept these values that the ideology is reasonable and normal.
  • This approach does not believe manipulation takes place.

Role of owners

  • Owners of the media rarely have day-to-day control of media content. This is down to managers and journalists.
  • The dominant ideology does not intend to brainwash but generate a consensus about what is good and right.
  • The common sense assumption shared by journalists (mainly white, middle class men) mean the audience only sees and hears a limited range of opinions – leading to them being exposed to this dominant ideology.



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